CG Characters as AI Interfaces
for Brands 

We accurately represent your brand persona 
and enable fun conversations between you and your audience. 

The next step in voice & conversational computing.

Over 70% of human communication in non-verbal. Why can't computers go there?

Backed by the leading VR & blockchain accelerator


"...a new technology where avatars are created to be as human-like as possible."

Vice, Creators Project

"..a way to convey the personality of a brand and maintain connection with an audience."

Khari Johnson

Autonomous Brand Mascots 

Custom, evolving characters express your brand when you're offline.

Have one-on-one, emotionally engaging conversations with your audience on all the major platforms. Compatible with Messenger, Twitch, YouTube, your existing app and more. 

Vocal, Visual, Social 

Brand personas like Siri and Alexa may soon be more recognizable names than the companies they represent. Now is the time to start thinking about what your character looks and moves like. We can help you craft the perfect persona.

Emotional Responsiveness

Interactive characters should respond like real people. They should be able to understand and respond to your speech, your tone, and your emotions. We're building the emotional expression engine to drive engaging character experiences.

Featured Use Case:
Meet The World's First Live-Streaming Chatbot

We partnered with Pandorabots to bring one of the world's most popular chatbots to life on Twitch. She's since become the first fully autonomous live-streamer with thousands of interactions per day.

Angela Field
Co-Founder, CEO

Full Stack Engineer, NLP

Jared Peters
Co-Founder, COO

Partnerships & Business Development

Robert Stevens
Technical Director

Photogrammetry, Character Rigging, Anthropology

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We provide characters of all types, including photorealistic characters that are emotionally responsive and play everywhere. 

Seeking bold partners.

What kind of characters will we create together?

We've helped clients create characters for healthcare, training, entertainment and more.

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